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Two-thirds of the people in the world cannot or will not read. They learn through oral communication. Wildlife STORYTELLERS come with a small mp3 player with a built in solar charger, An optional ac charger plug is available. Players are pre-loaded with secured Bible stories and other Bible teachings.


People open their hearts and minds when they hear God’s word in their own native tongue, or heart language. Wildlife STORYTELLERS can be fitted with Biblical stories available in over 6,000 languages and dialects.

Simple and Practical

A special pocket in each animal can hold the portable, audio player device, which features an easy-to-use controls. The player is solar battery can be recharged hundreds of times.


These soft, lovable critters comfort children and share God’s Words of hope and love in a language they understand.


Each Wildlife STORYTELLERS animal is child certified, as well as the mp3 player.


The Wildlife STORYTELLERS comes loaded with a one hour, 40 story set of chronological Bible stories spanning the Old and New Testaments.


To find out more and discover how we can partner with you and your ministry, call John at 888-444-7872 ext. 231 or Jan at 503-697-7765