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Recordings and Materials for Ministry

The GRN Prayer App is a simple way of informing you of GRN prayer needs and answered prayers.

Choose when and how often you pray.

Keep track of how God has answered your prayers as you partner with us in Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language.

The audio recordings available on 5fish contain some of the most important words you will ever hear. They speak good news for everyone in their own language.


Our CDs Talk… But They Don't Walk!

That’s where YOU come in...

   You can reach the world for Christ, one CD at a time. GRN has recordings of Bible stories and the gospel message in over 6,200 languages and dialects. We need your help in getting these recordings into the hands and homes of nonbelievers.

   GRN is now offering CD racks stocked with the most common languages in your area. You can place a rack in your church, organization or local business establishment. This rack is the perfect resource for doing foreign missions right in your community.

  Having a rack of CDs available allows nonbelievers to access the message of salvation in their heart language and enables believers to share the love of Christ with others.

   Are you interested in being the hands and feet of this ministry? Email us today to find out how you can implement a CD rack ministry in your area.

Contact us: distribution@globalrecordings.net  

or at 1-888-444-7872 x 214

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Presenting two new books from GRN

From América to Los Angeles, Reaching the people from the Americas in the greater Los Angeles area

This book is a study of the diaspora from the Americas in the greater Los Angeles area, particularly as regards the missiological implications of the migration patterns.

Although the Mexican people here comprise the largest ethnic group in the area, there are many other cultures, languages, foods, music and traditions represented. There are large concentrations of people from Guatemala and El Salvador, smaller groups from Ecuador and Peru, and a scattering of people from the rest of the Americas. All these contribute to the multicolored, flavorful, savory mosaic that is Los Angeles.

Amazing Stories from Global Recordings Network

Down through the centuries, storytelling has been an effective way to communicate. It was Jesus' most common form of teaching. Oral learners use it as their primary way of communicating and teaching. The motto of Global Recordings Network is Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language.

These amazing stories span 75 years of changing technology covering the use of phonograph records, audio cassettes, CDs, MP3s, websites, smart phones and beyond. More can be told, and others are waiting to be told. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading this collection.

Both Books are available from us or from Amazon.com

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