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Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language

GLOBAL RECORDINGS NETWORK makes audio recordings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. From the Amazon to the Himalayas our mobile missionary recording teams travel the globe in search of unreached people groups. Using local bilingual speakers, they record Bible stories that teach the basics of the gospel in the heart languages of the people.

OUR VISION: That people might hear and understand God's Word in their heart language, especially those who are oral communicators and those who do not have Scriptures in a form  they can access.

OUR MISSION: In partnership with the church, to effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in every language.

An overview of the ministry of Global Recordings Network.  Celebrating 75 years of God's faithfulness taking the Words of life to over  6,000 languages and dialects throughout the world. Celebrating 75 years of God's faithfulness! Subscribe Order the   DVD Downloads available in more than 6,200 languages! Download The  Video Right Click  to Save

Special Prayer and Help for Our Staff in Nepal

Nepal Letter Letter from  our Director

Faustino is a Mexican missionary partnering with Global Recordings Network (GRN) Mexico. He shares Christ by using GRN recordings on mp3 audio players.

We want to help missionaries like Faustino get the gospel to the language groups in Mexico (GRN has 300 language recordings in Mexico) so that many can hear in their own heart language and grow in their faith. One way you can partner with workers in Mexico is sending cell phones that GRN will load with audio recordings. The phones will be given to indigenous missionaries, older adults, widows and poor indigenous people who cannot afford to buy an audio player.

Please send cell phones with the following characteristics:

· The cell phone should be one that plays video/music files

· Has a built in speaker

· Includes a battery and power cord

· Internal memory of at least 2 gigabytes

· Headphones and micro SD card (optional)

Thank you for telling the people of Mexico about Jesus through your cell phones! We look forward to sharing the impact! Contact rolandheck@globalrecordings.net for more information.

Telling The Story of Jesus through YOUR Cell Phone